Sunday, February 8, 2015

happy cat-iversary

Today is Valentine's cat-iversary. One year ago today, a very scared half-grown kitten/cat came home with us from the Toms' River Petsmart.

Her markings that suggested her name (in part) are still visible, as is her catlike sense of mischief and trouble-making. This maneuver in particular drives the dog around the bend.

So how does a cat celebrate the occasion in style? First, she was treated by her adoring owners to
a special meal of "flaked skipjack tuna in a delicate broth sauce."

Then she escaped through a faultily-latched door into the chill night air, forcing said adoring owners and their parents to tramp around in the cold, muddy dark for over an hour trying to track her down. She went missing at 9 pm. I MISSED DOWNTON ABBEY FOR THIS CAT. We did eventually find her, but not before all of us, cat included, were chilled to the bone.

You would think that a cat who had just been treated to tuna would have the sense to know a good thing when she's got it and stay put.

Luckily for her, we can't imagine a house without her anymore.

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  1. It happens so quickly, those pesky pets! Can't live without them.