Saturday, May 17, 2014

new niece

My little niece arrived early Wednesday morning. This meant I had to put the knitting in overdrive on her knitted gift.

I had started a little dress on Sunday morning and the first part had just zoomed along, so quickly that I decided I was only going to knit small baby items from now on for the instant gratification thrills. A whole bodice and waist in one day, including color changes? Amazing. Life-changing, even.

All photos taken on a lovely car seat background,
but not because I was finishing it on the way to meet her.

Then I hit the miles of stockinette in the gathered skirt, and decided that I was only going to knit baby cardigans from now on. Or tank tops. Or hats. 

Today we were going to visit her, so the deadline was set. I finished and bound off at Secondo's track meet this morning (hence the car seat background). My new system is to weave in ends before a project is finished. Sometimes even weaving in ends is preferable to miles of stockinette. This is a great system, because when you are done, you are are really and truly done, and the thrill and excitement of finishing is not diminished by the thought of having to weave in a zillion ends. I am surprised and grateful every time I do it.

So when I was done binding off, I flipped the dress inside it to see this mess:

Less than one minute later, with a pair of scissors that I didn't have with me when I wove in the ends (I carry darning needles in my purse for emergency situations, but not scissors):

Amazingly enough, I had one tiny purple button in my button box. I have no idea where it came from, but I wasn't looking a gift button in the mouth. Even more astonishing, I had matching thread.

All set and ready in plenty of time. OK, so I didn't have time to block it, but I hope the recipient will forgive me.

At least by the time she's old enough to complain about it. With any luck, I will have trained her to know the difference.


  1. The dress is as beautiful as she is!

  2. She will look even more beautiful in your special gift!