Tuesday, May 13, 2014

expository essay

I have been working on my very best patient attitude here (and pretty much failing miserably) as my husband migrates my barely-working computer to one that can get the job done a bit more efficiently. Since I am working from home now, this was a very necessary transition. My old computer was so old, however, that the process has required more than a simple snap of the fingers. I am typing this on the new computer. I cannot print it, even if I wanted to. More to the point for a blog, I cannot upload pictures from the new computer yet, because they aren't on here. So no pictures today.

Instead, more stylings of Terzo, this time his recent expository essay on the theme of sibling cooperation. I am not using fancy descriptors here; he refers to this type of writing as an expository essay, which for some reason I find quite amusing.

Do you and your siblings fight all the time? Mine sometimes do but over the years it's slowed down. (Side note from mom: No. It hasn't. Only the insults have changed.) I personally think that kids should play together more. They won't always be around, it makes a better relationship and it won't take those 5 minutes to go somewhere to see them. (Side note from former SAT tutor: For crying out loud, they are teaching 4th graders how to write an essay in acceptable SAT format?) That's why siblings should play together more.

One reason that it helps you to play together more is because it makes a better relationship. For example I once was always fighting with my brother but over years of playing together we get along fine. (Side note from mom: This may be an imaginary brother.) Once I was talking to Ashley and she said that she was playing on her tablet then she started playing with her brother and now they get along fine. That's only one reason you should play with your siblings more.

One other important reason to play with your siblings is, if you think about it people won't be around your whole life. Was [sic] talking to my friend Chase and he said, "Sometime later I will be at college and he and she will be gone,". Also I have 2 older brothers; one is a freshman in high school and the other is a senior in high school. (Side note from former SAT tutor: Semi-colon misuse was once the bane of my existence. Now I can laugh it off.) Soon they will be gone because of these things college, get married and, then move away. (Side note from mom: I can only hope that it happens in that order, but hold out no illusions.) So since my brother is going to be gone we are trying to have the most fun ever.

My last reason to play with your siblings more is because you don't have to go somewhere to see them. Also parents would love not to go somewhere to worry about these things traffic, weather and paying for gas. (Side note from mom: True dat. But usually not when I have to drive 5 minutes.) Later on I said, "It's so easy because there [sic] right there all the time," and my mom agreed. So as you can see not having to go somewhere can be really helpful.

As you can see playing with your siblings is very important. This is why, it makes a better relationship, they won't always be around and last but not least you don't have to go somewhere. If you never played with your siblings you are missing out.

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  1. I LOVED Terzo's essay! I have three sisters, which is why I spent so much time buried in a book when I was growing up.