Thursday, October 3, 2013

under the wire

I got the bride's bolero done. Amazingly enough, it didn't involve me driving down the road this morning, chasing down Joan as she headed north to set up for the wedding. She had it yesterday afternoon.

The reworked center came out approximately 1000% better than the first attempt. No wonky yarn overs, a much neater seam, and a perfectly centered bead. The dropped stitches did me a favor.

No photos of the finished object, because I wrapped it in tissue paper and turned it over while the seams were still warm from pressing out. I may or may not get photos of it on the bride. The yarn I used is alpaca, which seemed perfectly reasonable back in February when I bought it, but is a bit warm for the mini-heat wave we are experiencing right now. October is always a roll of the dice, weather-wise. Either way, I got it done as promised.

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