Sunday, October 20, 2013


Contrary to Amy's suspicions, I didn't sneak off to Rhinebeck this morning. I was mighty tempted but I stayed put and went to church in the morning, and then compline at night. Compline is the traditional final service of the day. In monasteries, it often signals the beginning of the "great silence" until the next morning. It is a short, contemplative service, a nice way to draw the day to a peaceful, peace-filled end.

This is not a common service for our church; in fact, it is only an annual occurrence, celebrated on Harvest Sunday. I have missed it every year because it is always the same weekend as Rhinebeck.

Our church has an outdoor labyrinth, which was lit by luminaries for the service while the attendants held candles. The moon hung full and low over the nearby fields. My husband and I attended the service, dressed in woollens against the crisp fall chill, and then walked the labyrinth before heading into the church for hot apple cider and scones.

It was indescribably lovely. I think I am pretty much over missing Rhinebeck.


  1. Oh...sounds so lovely!

  2. That does sound lovely!...I went to a church sponsored conference and missed Rhinebeck too...I loved the conference...I guess we were both where we needed to be ;-)