Saturday, October 5, 2013

october wedding

It was a lovely, lovely wedding.

The location, in New York's Hudson Valley at a former Catskills holiday resort, was spectacular, as you might expect this time of year.

I have always thought that October is a most particularly perfect month for a wedding. This one proved the point.

The groom's mother is Curt's office manager, Joan. She and her family did a lot of the work on the wedding and no detail went untended.

The decorations were a labor of love, perfectly appropriate for the occasion. The pumpkins, hay bales, cornstalks, mums, etc. were trucked up from our farming community, all grown by friends of the family. The flowers were arranged by another of Joan's friends and the bridesmaids (under direction of the friend), in mason jars. The jars were held securely in place by slabs of cedar, hand-cut by her husband Jimmy. Unfortunately he almost took off a finger with the band saw while cutting one of the last slabs, so he was enjoying the wedding with stitches in his finger.

Speaking of mason jars, the favors/table assignments were very clever. Hand-etched (by Joan) glass mugs with the wedding details. A little tag on the handle told each guest where they were seated.

And yes—much to my everlasting delight—the bride did end up wearing the bolero, and it looked lovely on her. The alpaca yarn stretched and stretched and stretched some more, as alpaca is wont to do. But the nip in the mountain air last night made alpaca a good choice after all, to provide warmth in spite of the delicate and airy pattern.


  1. All looks lovely....and especially the bolero!

  2. What great photos! Beautiful bolero!