Friday, October 25, 2013

first frost

A million bazillion things to do with the race tomorrow, and the older boys' county cross country meet across the blasted county today, and "oh by the way, can you pick up my friend from the train station as we go past?" sorts of requests. I woke up in a panicked sweat this morning with the last minute to-do list looming over me, but then I went outside to do chores...

And the magic of a first fall frost hit me right between the eyes.

I had 20 minutes allocated for chores this morning, which basically means doing them at a dead run, but I couldn't resist pulling out my iphone at intervals to try and capture the magic.

I failed, of course. It's impossible to capture, even if you do have enough time and all the photographic power in the world.

Dandelions are transformed.

Dead leaves are transformed.

Everything glitters and shimmers, just for a moment, when the first light hits it but before the full beam of the sun melts it away.

Soon enough it will be commonplace and unremarkable, but for this morning, it was a definite shift of gears to start the day. Today, especially, it was much appreciated.

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