Friday, March 1, 2013


I did it—I met my first designing deadline, which was today. Of course that meant that I was pulling the last bits together today, and that included trying to come up with the dreaded headshot. I am not being self-effacing or fishing for compliments when I declare that I am the queen of the crappy picture. I am being very truthful. From elementary school on, there I always am with some weird smile pasted on my face and my hair sticking out sideways.

I have chosen the ne plus ultra of coping strategies: I just position myself behind the camera, and voila! No more crappy pictures of me. The downside is no pictures of me at all. I strongly considered using this one, as being truly representative.

But as this isn't for an article about photography, it didn't really seem to fit.

My next possible choice, taken well over a year ago, but where the heck is my hair?

I kept looking. I found this one from Lake Placid, also a year ago, but I always have hated how this hat bulges out weirdly on the side of my head, and plus it is a summer publication date, so I will look quite odd all bundled up. True to form, some hair has managed to escape the hat and stick out to the side.

In despair, I decided this next one was the way to go, and to heck with being all bundled up. It had the distinct advantage that no one would ever be able to pick me out in a crowd. I could start a new persona. The knitter incognito.

My LSH came in at this point, picked up the camera, and took a picture as I was showing him the previous photo (you can see it in on the monitor the background).

Unfortunately, he used a flash, which is discouraged, and I had a giant piece of dried cranberry stuck in my teeth, but I managed to photoshop that out. Weird smile: check. Misbehaving hair: check. As an added bonus, I am wearing a sweater that doesn't appear to fit properly. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.


  1. Love it! All the photos are lovely, Kris!

  2. I hear ya on the dreaded photo that can capture in an image what I "think" I still look like!

    My best results are obtained when one of my daughters agrees to goof around with me and it brings down the reluctance to have my picture taken. If we shoot enough of them, there will usually be one that works.
    Congrats on making a deadline. I am a sister procrastinator, though I hate to have that label applied. I just want perfection, no matter how long it takes.