Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a reader

Nothing doing here on the lamb front.

The snowstorm two days ago didn't do it.

The full moon tonight didn't do it.

The first two ewes the ram marked were both yearlings, and it doesn't seem that they were 100% ready for things. We'll be waiting about 15 more days for them. The more seasoned ewes weren't marked until later, and they are so large that I am sure they will be on time. Unfortunately that is next week, after all my helpers return to school. Argh!

Without lambs to blog about, I'll share some recent pictures of Terzo. He resisted the reading bug mightily, for years, though he loved being read to. As he was the last one who wanted to listen, I was happy to indulge him. School continued to push the issue with a nightly reading requirement, however, and he finally succumbed to the magic of Harry Potter sometime in the late fall. We often come in from chores to find him curled up on the living room couch, taking advantage of the early morning sunlight.

Or nestled into a chair, in the same room. The hand-crocheted blanket was a gift from one from one my husband's patients. It never fails to touch me how generous his patients are to him (and by extension, us).

Terzo's other favored morning reading spot is in what he calls his "office", in the kitchen. The lowest shelf of the bakers rack is the perfect height for tucking his feet under, with the added bonus of the heat register right by his toes. It was the favorite spot of our cats as well, for obvious reasons. 

He often puts his cereal on the shelf next to his book, so he can munch away while he is reading. He has logged quite a bit of time in these spots. He is currently plowing his way through Book 5 (Order of the Phoenix), which I found to be the hardest going of the lot. 

Now the problem is going to be what to hook him with once he finishes the series, but for now, I am enjoying the heck out of all this avid reading.

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  1. Wonderful to see him loving to read! I am sure the older boys have some favorites that they can recommend.

    My recommendations:
    Redwall series
    Theodosia series by LaFevers
    Cowell's How to Train Your Dragon series (silly, but fun)
    Of course, Rick Riordan's Lightning Thief series