Sunday, March 31, 2013

boys in suits 2013

Still not recovered from last night, but I cannot miss Easter tradition.

I have no idea why the youngest one has that look on his face. At this point, I was inside desperately trying to get myself ready after ironing their shirts, yet another activity planned for last night.

The bowties were their collective sartorial decision. We usually make do with hand-me-downs, because hey, they don't wear a suit and tie more than once a year. But when your teenage boys ask to be taken to the store so they can choose new dress shirts and bowties for Easter, then what mother could resist? Not this one, especially when their standard day-to-day wear is jeans-tshirt-sweatshirt.

Though it is the last day of the month, I'll have to pass on the monthly book review. All three lambs are doing OK and that's the biggest accomplishment of the day, apart from getting all three into their suits. If you celebrate the holiday, I hope you had a blessed Easter!

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