Thursday, March 21, 2013


You know how much I love Franklin Habit, and his recent post about getting a new phone struck a chord because I went through the same process a week ago. I wasn't convinced I needed a new phone. I was happy with the portability and indestructibility of the old one, both very important attributes on a farm. Yes, it was way outdated, and yes, I couldn't check my e-mail and the weather on it. But it was a good and faithful servant, and I knew how to use it.

For various reasons, my LSH decided that I was due for an upgrade, and forced the issue by giving me a new phone to me for Christmas. Our account finally had an upgrade spot open and Friday night we went through the interminable hell of (1) going to the mall and (2) getting the new phone hooked up. The poor girl at the Apple store who drew the short straw to wait on me! I practically bit her head off when she saw my old phone and burbled how excited I must be to get rid of it.

I have been struggling with the new phone all week. Questions such as "where's the d!*&(# call button?" have had my husband and sons in hysterics as they explain to poor doddering me how this new-fangled contraption works.

I must confess that, my phone-related frustrations aside, I am enjoying the heck out of checking my e-mails on the fly. My computer (also ancient, also a good and faithful servant) has barely been on lately. I discovered an added bonus when I went out with Terzo to bring the ewes in tonight: portable video!

The quality isn't that great and I do apologize for whatever went wrong at the end, I have no idea. But you can get an idea of just how big those poor girls are getting. No immediate end in sight either, as this picture proves:

All six tucking heartily into fresh hay is a good indication that we won't have any lambs in the next six hours or so. Pam asked how many sheep we have; the current count is 10. If all goes well, that number will more than double in the coming weeks. But exactly when that is going to start happening is anyone's guess.


  1. Great video! I love it. I am up for a new phone and am teetering on the edge of the precipice myself! Mazel tov :*)

  2. Love the video! Your boy is such a great helper and those sheep are WIDE!! Good luck with your new phone. I'm way too addicted to mine.