Saturday, January 12, 2013

update on all knitting fronts

The project proposal was mailed out yesterday. Hurrah! Actually, it was three separate but inter-related items, so we'll see what happens. I am just glad to have it off my plate, though hopefully only on a temporary basis. I would love if they were accepted.

That means it is back to the black sweater. My LSH commented that my previous picture of my sweater looked like I was knitting away on a pile of black paper, so I am not going to make another attempt to photograph it tonight. I am taking a "photographing your projects" class at Vogue Knitting Live next week so let's hope it makes a difference.

I have had plenty of time to knit because Terzo came down with the flu on Thursday night. Yes, he had the shot, but that has not been invicible this year. We started him on Tamiflu right away and it seems to have made a difference. No fever for the last 12 hours and I am hopeful that the worst is behind him. Meanwhile Primo, who has three indoor track meets this week (basically his entire season in one week), has maintained a strict quarantine from Terzo. I don't think he has even been on the same floor in the house all day today, let alone talked to the poor kid.

The time I have spent watching movies with Terzo has been perfect for me to puzzle out my final intentions for this sweater. Although long sleeves are a tempting modification for always-chilly me, the original sweater pattern has 3/4 length sleeves and I decided to stick with that in the interest of a dwindling yarn supply. I managed to source one more skein of yarn from a super-helpful person on Ravelry, and that generous soul even put it in the mail to me today in the hopes that I could get the sweater finished on time.

At this point, I have two more skeins in my possession. The other sleeve will take one of those skeins, and the lace cowl collar will use the last one. That just leaves the hem, which the extra skein of yarn should be more than enough to cover. Fingers crossed as I head into the home stretch. I figure it needs to be finished and blocked by Wednesday at the latest to be dry for my early-morning trip on Friday.

Movie Tip: If you have not yet seen "The Artist", the 2011 Best Picture winner, don't be put off by the black-and-white cinematography or the fact that it is a silent movie (though that does make it slightly harder to knit while watching). The gimmicks don't allow for many copy-cats, but it is a charming, ultimately uplifting tale that left me wondering why more movies can't be so simple and yet enjoyable for a broad audience.

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  1. oh boy - I hope no one else gets the flu!! Good luck with the sweater.