Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the ghosts of sheepies present

Woke up this morning to a fairly thick fog, but by the time the sun was up enough to take a picture, much of it had burned away.

It was still thick enough that the sheep in the back pasture were hidden from view, but they were well aware I was out there on the back porch. They are Pavlov's sheep in the morning with the sound of that door opening. They immediately start baa-ing their displeasure at our tardiness, no matter what time it is.

Our neighbors are no doubt thrilled that we have such smart sheep.

It was actually a very easy chore morning, because my LSH and I took advantage of the still-frozen ground, before it turned back into soup, to use the truck to haul 40 bales of hay to the tack room in the back pasture yesterday. That should hold us for a while, and it makes feeding approximately 1,052 times easier.

I was toasty warm throughout the task with my new fleece boot liners. Unfortunately, however, I didn't think about the beautiful cable knit boot toppers that are attached to the liners. They looked super lovely....


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