Thursday, January 17, 2013

going rogue

Primo was rattling along about his weekend plans the other night, but was brought up short when I told him that he needed to talk to his father about those issues, because I wouldn't be here. He started to laugh hysterically when I told him I would be at Vogue Knitting Live, because he thought I said "Rogue Knitting."

"What's that?" he chortled. "Knitters on the run? Knitters outside the bounds of knitting law?"

I do feel like a bit of an outlaw, as if I am sneaking out on my family. I have no idea why I have to do this guilt trip to myself every. dang. time. The laundry is done, my work is caught up, I even have a dinner ready to go in the fridge for them for tomorrow night. I doubt they will even notice I'm gone.

And yes, the sweater is done. You'll have to view it in pieces, because I didn't have anyone handy to help me out with the photo shoot. The sleeves (and probably my favorite self-portrait ever):

The body (as you can see, I ended up with bracelet length sleeves):

The neck (not laying at all like the pattern anticipated, but I think I like it better this way):

I will probably fool around a bit with the neck when I return, but I leave at crack-o-dawn tomorrow morning with my mom to catch a train to Manhattan at 6:30 am. In a spectacular feat of practical packing, I have managed to fit everything I need for four classes plus a change of clothes and toiletries into my camera backpack. It's almost the same as a handkerchief on a stick! I'll be back on Saturday night, and I have no doubt that everyone's little world will continue to turn in my absence.

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  1. It's beautiful! You are a fantastic knitter. I will be thinking of you at Vogue Knitting! What a great two days to look forward to.