Tuesday, January 1, 2013

it's tradition

Tradition to review my goals from last year this time, and set new ones for this year... 

So for the review portion: 

1. Knit four sweaters. Halfway. I finished two, and one was an (unblogged) vest. I did finish five shawls (three of which were prayer shawls, so quite meaningful and mindful projects) and seventy-million scarves, so there was knitting. Just not necessarily what I planned.

2. Continue with the stashdown. Well, sort of. I finished this year in the red, knitting 1,000 less yards than I purchased. More sweater knitting would have helped, but I am not beating myself up. I did a lot of knitting for others and it was very satisfying. There will be other years for the stash (hopefully this one, because the totes are getting full).

3. Blog more regularly. Unqualified success on this one: a record number of posts for the year. I fell into a rhythm of every other day, for the most part. I enjoyed letting everyday life be my guide, and not worrying too much about fitting posts into a specific slot. 

4. Improve the farm business. I will give this one a "pretty good." I never did manage to get my etsy shop up and running, but I did a few more shows and the numbers were testament to greater commitment.

5. Eat more healthily. Flat-out fail. Every time I reached for the unhealthy snack, I thought about this goal and how I was going to have to 'fess up at the end of the year. It didn't stop me.

Now for the new year: like the direction of the blog in the past months, I think I will strike out into slightly different territory. I already sense that 2013 will be an unsettling year of reflection and preparation for big changes in 2014, when Primo graduates high school. I have no idea where it will take us as a family and me individually, but my goal is to develop the wisdom and courage necessary to handling these changes with grace and aplomb.

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  1. I know that you can do it. Just take each day as it comes and try to stop looking ahead and thinking about how you think you are going to handle it. God will be with you each step of the way.