Monday, April 18, 2011

scenes from a sunny day

The youngest lambs, born a little over two weeks ago.
You have to look closely but there are two lambs there!
Hope is an excellent mama and always keeps them tucked together near her.

From the youngest to the oldest:

Remember this tiny cute little lamb?
Here is Kali six weeks later. Singles grow especially fast!
All that milk to herself...

Just like Holly's ewe lamb, who is effectively a single and growing like a weed.

Henrietta with her spotted ram lamb in front;
Holly's ewe lamb -- the one she originally rejected -- is in back.

Mama's milk and care makes a big difference.

Checking out a feed pan with her brother.
Unfortunately, he never learned to nurse off Holly.
He still gets a bottle three times a day.

Speaking of which...

Did somebody mention a bottle?


  1. Don't think your getting a lamb order from me this year. These lambs are too cute!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I can not believe how big Kali is. Has Nate tried leading her around yet to get ready to show? Although, it looks like mom might not be ready for them to be that far apart yet.