Friday, April 29, 2011

take your child to work day

Technically, that was yesterday, but we don't stand on ceremony around here. Plus, my kid didn't have strep throat yesterday, but he had it today, so we decided that we would celebrate T.Y.C.T.W.D. today instead.

His ability to participate waxed and waned with his headache, but he was able to help with feeding chores:

And with moving the sheep back to the front yard, though I don't have any pictures of that. (Thank goodness he was home, because that is most definitely a two person job; the dog just isn't reliably helpful enough yet.)

He was also fired up about getting ready for Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, so he helped me weigh out wool to dye, and decide what color we needed, and generally be helpful and supportive, which is very much appreciated as I approach full-on panic mode thinking about all that still needs to be done.

He helped me with some needle felting, also for Maryland, before his headache returned and he had to go lay down again.

I've gotta think that no other kid had quite the same experience, especially as the school only allowed participation with a note on company letterhead. (I will not even go into what that says about who is allowed to participate in this activity, and who is not.) 

Never mind that it is pretty much the same as any other day around here. It was a great day, just the two of us, working together.


  1. Luckily "company letterhead" is pretty easy to create on a computer!

    Have fun at MDSW!

  2. Stay at home with your mom, is a much better day! Hope he is feeling better now. Enjoyed post.