Wednesday, June 3, 2009

who you gonna call

I know, I know. I am a little bit late on that Tuesday quote commitment. I think I may have mentioned my propensity for setting impossible deadlines for myself.

Plus, I was busy watching Ghostbusters with my kids last night. Is there any greater pleasure than sharing a favorite of your past with your kids? I think not.


Terzo has been talking about it all day, though he keeps calling it Ghostbrothers.


His go-to position during the scary bits. My LSH asked if he could see anything with his shirt like that; he responded, "My body."


Note the position of the cellphone in Primo's hand, ready to respond the moment a text comes in regardless of familial activity. (I have had to ban it at mealtime.) When I hear his phone go off, I will alert him to that fact (never mind that he already has it flipped open to read the all-important message) and then suggest a response:

"just parking at the orthodontist's office now",

"finished washing my hands after going to the bathroom",

"getting ready to eat a triscuit",

"hold on, gotta tell my mom how great/awesome/funny she is."

He is not amused.


  1. Wow, I was just struck by the resemblance between Primo and LSH!

  2. Yes, all three look like him. I am just a pod for the clones.