Thursday, June 11, 2009

lettuce eat salad

The heavens cleared sufficiently yesterday (finally!) for me to wade back to the garden and check on the progress of our veggies. Thanks to all the rain, the plants are doing just fine but so are the weeds, of course.


I was most excited to see the progress of our little lettuce plants, because that means it's time for salad fresh from the garden.


Unfortunately, this is the elegant container out of which I ate my salad. Want to hazard a guess where that picture was taken, and why I am eating out of a tupperware? The crappy picture quality, compliments of my cell phone camera, is a big clue.


Yep. More end of the year madness. Four days and counting... and then none of us will know what to do with ourselves.


  1. Wow! Your message is spreading! Now I see it's a worldwide phenom--even people in Ecuador are keeping up with you and yours. :-)

  2. Yes, I was MOST EXCITED to see that someone in South America was checking in -- and then I realized it was my mom on vacation.

  3. Um, I'm no farmer, but what's all that white stuff? Are you growing cotton between the heads of lettuce?

  4. Mulch fleece from the sheep -- stuff we can't sell -- it helps keep the weeds down.