Friday, June 26, 2009

soggy stitch n pitch

One of my LSH's brilliant ideas this summer was to invest in a ticket package for our local baseball farm team. It is a great deal that includes six games and free meals. (The stadium really makes out on our deal because the free food is only an appetizer for our kids, who end up consuming an amazing amount of junk food during the game.)

I agreed to go to all the games, provided that (1) I was allowed to knit during the games and (2) no one would give me flak about said knitting. An agreement was reached and the tickets were purchased.

Tonight was our third game, and guess what the weather prediction was? That's right, more rain, but this time with the exciting possibility of hail stones. We couldn't miss such an opportunity, so we headed down to the ball field, me with my latest knitting project in tow.


We had just settled into our seats with our free hot dogs, when the clouds started looking pretty ominous...


Before we even had the chance to sing the Star Spangled Banner, out came the tarp, and just in time too.


The heavens opened, and we were forced onto the concourse with everyone else. Terzo was pretty amazed to see Santa Claus was in attendance incognito. Not wanting to offend anyone, he was openly supporting both teams playing, as the Thunder is a farm team for the Yankees, but they were playing a Phillies affiliate.


I managed to do a little knitting while standing there (I was wishing I had brought along a sock instead of a baby blanket), but we finally made it back to our seats.


A few rounds of YMCA and some Crackerjack while they de-tarped the field...

DSCN0734 DSCN0735

Finally! Stitching while some pitching was going on!


But in the second inning, we felt more drops, and we beat a hasty retreat to our car. Final score: three hits*, several outs, wet shoes, unfinished knitting project, untallied number of dollars spent in keeping kids entertained while we waited for game to start. The kids were unanimous that this was the best game they had attended yet, which just goes to show you that I know nothing about what might please my kids.

* ETA: I have just been informed, by Primo reading over my shoulder, that there was, in fact, only one hit. Apparently you have to make it on the base safely for it to count as a hit; it doesn't count if you are thrown out (or whatever the technical baseball term is). Goes to show you that I know even less about baseball.

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  1. too funny!
    next time make sure you are not knitting with metal needles or it could have been even more exciting!
    Woman struck by lightening at ball game while knitting.....