Saturday, June 20, 2009

rain, rain, go away

Dear Heavens:

I love a good rainy day. Indeed, I think it would be hard to find someone who is more enamored of being stuck inside, even on a summer day, while the rain beats on the roof. I didn't even complain -- much -- when it poured every day during our summer vacation in Vermont last year.

But I've had enough. Uncle. You win. Please send us some dry sunny days, so our veggies can grow and we can mow the raggedly lawn and my kids can take advantage of the pool membership I splurged on this year so they wouldn't drive me crazy in my own house now that they are home for the summer.

Thank you,

Your Biggest Fan
(who will try not to complain too much when the drought hits)



  1. Wait...if you wish the rain away now, then the rain won't get cleaned out and then maybe our vacation week will not say Sunny & Hot but.... lo and behold MORE RAIN!!!!!!! Was that a run on sentence? Don't answer that!

  2. LOL! So that's where our rain went! We've not had a drop for a month (up until yesterday, that is), which is really unusual - usually August is our dry month.

  3. Ok Heidi, stop rubbing it in.
    I am have not forgotten your birthday present, just think I'll add some rain clouds to the package.

  4. :0)...isn't it funny how we HATE the rain and complain about the drought! It reminds me of a sermon I heard a few weeks ago. The Pastor was pointing out: Why is it that slow drivers are "stupid" and fast drivers are "morons"! We are never truly satisfied...sigh :0). Hope the veggies have dried out, the pool is now open, and the Lord truly lets you feel His Sonshine today :0)!