Monday, May 25, 2009

all my life's a circle

Looking back on my posts from this exact time last year, I discovered that the more things change, the more things stay the same. Here I thought I was in a constant pattern of completely unpredictable, and it turns out my life is just one constant repeat after all. I am way too tired to come up with some simple-yet-clever take (as if I ever manage to do that!) on the repetitiveness. I will just have to let the semi-blurry pictures speak for themselves.

Just like last year:

We managed to get our vegetable gardens planted.


Thing 2 had yet another litter (haven't managed to trap her yet). Anyone want a kitten?


Boys, sheep and rabbit participated in the town's Memorial Day parade with their 4H club.


(While I was trying to photoshop a blur onto the other kids faces, because I don't like to post pictures of other kids, I left the computer for a minute. When I came back, Secondo was busy restoring all their faces, because "did I know that I had made their faces all blurry?")


This year, they even had a snazzy float.


It's hard to see in the picture above, but there were four goat kids on the float; this was the front of the float, before goat kids destroyed Uncle Sam.


And lest we not forget, the reason behind the day off, compliments of Terzo's preschool class.



  1. Thanks for mentioning the Photoshop blur. For a second there I thought the aliens had invaded.

  2. Next time I will do a big blue spot, the international symbol of blotted out faces.