Monday, May 18, 2009

tough going

What does the tough do when the going gets tough?

She casts on for a new sweater, of course. One that she wants to take with her on vacation in five weeks, because it would be the perfect weight for strolling on the North Carolina beach at night. (Here we go with those impossible deadlines again...)

Before she started, she took Margo's advice and had a glass of wine. (Actually, a hard lemonade.) Although the swatch didn't work out quite right, she did a little math which also didn't quite work out, but she cast on and hoped for the best anyway. And had another hard lemonade. Before the night was over, she was quite pleased to see that she had knit five inches of the front of the sweater.


In the cold hard glare of the morning light, however, the stitches were a bit loose. And a more precise measurement revealed the thing was a bit big. She thought about another hard lemonade, but held off. The tough frogged it all, rented another chick flick from the library, went down a needle size, and cast on again.


  1. OK so now you are going to blame this on my evil suggestion... LOL.
    I never told you to cast on and pour yourself one (or two, or three) Cast on, knit, stop and try to figure out where it is five o'clock. As Jimmy Buffett says, It's five o'clock SOMEWHERE." Tee Hee.

    To para phrase, Never Drink and Knit!!!!

  2. Didn't you buy the button at MD that said: "My Gauge is Fine... Till the Third Glass of Wine"!!!