Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tuesday's kid quote

I am fast approaching my first blog-iversary, which is hard to believe. I have noticed that my thoughts are now organized into things that I can blog about, and features that I can add to the blog, and photo ops for the blog, and so on and so forth. Clearly it has taken over my life to a significant degree. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not, but it is a decently effective stress reliever for me, so I guess I'll keep on keeping on.

One of the things I am going to start is Tuesday's Kid Quote. AS IF you don't get enough of my three boys, now you get a quote from them once a week. Because of course every word that falls from their lips is a pearl. Or close enough.

Yes, I know. Also AS IF this blog needed even more lack of focus.

Is it a mommy blog?

Farming blog?

Crafting blog?

Non-stop whinefest?

Beats me. But thanks for joining me all the same.

So backstory for today's quote: my youngest received a bug bite in his ear, which has swollen to resemble a small tomato. He won't leave it alone, and now it's infected.

Me: "Honey, you really need to stop itching your ear. Leave it alone so it can heal."

Terzo: "I wasn't itching it. I was just petting it. With my finger."


  1. Right up there with "stop picking at that"
    Good thing you are married to a doctor. Hope the office visit is cheap!

  2. That kid is brilliant!

    Hope it heals quickly.

    Mrs. C

  3. Tuesday Kid's my name too. He sounds like a real cool kid!