Sunday, May 25, 2008

ready, set, grow

I was too tired to post last night, because we spent all day yesterday making up for a month's worth of lost time.

The garden was weeded, composted, hand turned (not by me, but by my minions strong husband and sons), and finally planted. Yes, I know we are very late this year. Yes, I know that we will get tomatoes in early September, at this rate. Nevertheless, it is done.

The entire sheep flock, with the exception of two, were wormed and had their hooves trimmed. New coats were put on as necessary. Curses were doled out to those sheep who had already managed to shred the coats put on six weeks ago. Sheep were moved to fresh pasture. Water tubs were scrubbed out and refilled.

Newborn kittens were discovered in the barn. Canned wet food was given to the proud mama. Plans were made to get everyone fixed asap. (Mama could not be caught before this, but now more nefarious means are being considered.)

One of our ewes turned up with a nasty infection on her udder, seemingly out of nowhere (though she did have a bad case of mastitis when she lambed this year). I will spare you the gory details but we did manage to gross out the kids who assisted while we cleaned her up. She is in quarantine and on the mend, hopefully.
A lamb was sheared, with plans to do her twin sister sometime later this weekend. After her initial panic, she was happy to be relieved of her heavy wool coat, which was already 3 inches long. Primo son did his usual great job: not one cut or nick.

And we all slept very, very well last night. The plans for today include painting the ceiling of the kitchen. My back is already circulating a petition of protest. So far my knees, right shoulder and the blister on my middle finger have signed.

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