Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a guide to the madness

For those of you unfamiliar with our little corner of the world:

I am a knitter, spinner and general all-around crafter. I am not good at introspection and I don't have any clever, deep insight into why I enjoy making things so much. I just do. Work demands intrude into crafting time more often than I would like, so I compensate by grabbing every spare minute I can. Hence, my reputation as the weird mom who knits her way through baseball games, soccer practice, 4-H meetings, band concerts -- even in line at the bank drive-through.

I have been married to my wonderful long-suffering husband ("LSH") for fifteen years. He puts up, with very good grace, with my hare-brained schemes and general nuttiness. Sometimes he exercises his veto power. More often he just shrugs, sighs, and goes along. He runs his business from our house.

We have three boys: Primo, Secondo and Terzo. Before you lodge a protest with DYFS, those are not their real names, though those names are not unknown in the family of my italian-heritage father. The boys are (usually) the root of the majority of the madness around here.

We live in New Jersey on a small farm. We primarily raise sheep, but we also have chickens, vegetables, flowers and a rabbit, plus a dog and barn cats.

Let the record reflect that the sheep were my LSH's idea. I voted for llamas.


  1. love the blog and will visit ongoing. when i saw the name of the blog i laughed my toothpaste all over the computer because of course i was multi-tasking before retiring for the evening...keep the blogs coming xoxoxo kate russo

  2. I am befuddled: What is abnormal about multitasking, hare-brained ideas and other genuinely creative ideas and innovative thoughts that fly in the face of societal conventions? What am I missing? (Besides, of course, mass approval.)

  3. Kris,
    Love the blog. Hope the ewe with the infection heals quickly.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Might be up your way this Sunday.

    Kris I am so glad you found our little blog and now i get to read all about your wonderful family as well. it has been WAY too long. SO much has happened in our lives since we last spoke on line. I recall we were considering buying some sheep! Well, we live in Honesdale now and cannot have sheep or any other livestock! Though, as the blog shows, we do own 2 rabbits and that dog! Plus, I kind of got the "farmer" in me to settle down. i realized I am NOT farmer wife material. I think the Brooklyn in me simply whooped the farmer in me so bad, she ran away!! but I LOVE where we are! After 4+ years of some rather odd behavior on our part, we got a grip, settled down and are trying to regroup as best we can. One day I'll get around to sharing the whole story. Still a bit much to share but we are doing well. We serve and awesome God!
    Well, please keep in touch and Meg wanted to know which dress you were referring to? She has so many things going on at once!!