Saturday, May 31, 2008

auntie em!

A tornado watch was in effect for our area this afternoon – not a common occurrence our state. We got a frantic call from my LSH as we were waiting at a local farm to pick up corn. He needed help battening down the hatches.

Sometimes, I have to really hand it to my kids. Sometimes, they really manage to blow me away (pun not intended) with their helpfulness and sense of responsibility. Of course, that happens just enough for them to keep me guessing. The remainder of the time they drive me stark raving mad with their inability/laziness/refusal to pick up their dirty socks and wet towels.

We were just coming in from baseball (Primo) and soccer (Secondo and Terzo). The boys, still in uniform, threw off their cleats and jumped into their boots. Patio furniture was safely stored away, outside toys were stowed in their proper place (we could go on and on about how that should have been done when they were finished playing with them three days ago, but we would be wasting our breath), and the tractor and cart were moved into the barn. Doors were shut up tight, animals were moved to places with shelter, and hatches were generally battened down. Despite our assurances that the bunny would be OK, he was brought inside and nestled with food and water far from any windows.

We watched and waited from the safety of our kitchen. No tornado, but lashing wind and rain – a typical change-of-season storm. All was OK, but the sheep were definitely under cover and out of sight. Who says sheep are stupid?

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  1. Ah, those NJ storms! I really miss them (NOT!) I had heard about the tornado warnings - glad it was a false alarm! Wow, can't believe you are getting corn already! Seems early, but I guess I don't really remember when the season started back east, and out here we don't see local corn till September!