Saturday, June 21, 2008

summer of socks, project of despair

Today is the official kick-off of Summer of Socks ’08. I signed up for this before I got the freelance project from hell, which is due on July 1 and consuming me alive right now. I am desperately fighting the urge to log off my computer and cast on for my first pair of socks. I have had the yarn for quite a while now. I just found the perfect pattern last week, thanks to scoping out Jessica’s queue on Ravelry. (I don’t seem to have a talent for finding great patterns, so I have to ride on other’s coattails. Ravelry is awesome for that!)

So I am making bargains with myself. “You can cast on if… if you bill x number of hours today… if you complete this much of the project… if you complete this particular section...” I have even put the ball of sock yarn in an inspiring location on my desk*, to remind me to stay-the-heck focused on this darn project.**

It is Koigu Painter's Palette Premium Merino ("KPPPM" to those in the know), colorway "I don't know because I have already misplaced the ball band."

See the little tail hanging out so innocently, yet so temptingly?

Resisting… urge… to check progress of others… on Ravelry…

*Yes, I am well aware that my desk will not be included in the flickr group any time soon, even though I did relocate a bit of the clutter for the picture.

**Don't you love all that pseudo-swearing? I am not so pseudo under my breath these days.

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