Thursday, June 12, 2008

i'm just a girl who can't say no

Ten points to the first person who can identify that quote.

It's been on my mind today, ever since I made up my "to do" list, complete with times because it was such a hairpin turn kind of day. It went somewhat like this:

Feed various farm animals and kids
Iron linens for church
Take Terzo to storytime at library
(Sneak out to post office and hardware store while he is in there)
Go to Shoprite (take care of banking at same time)

Go to Staples (LSH's business out of ink for fax, slightly emergent situation)
Drop off drinks for church group lunch; cannot stay because need to...
Pick up kids from half day; Primo's friend coming to our house
(note: last four items are accomplished in 40 minutes time, flat)
Make lunch for kids
Take kids to friend's pool
Pay bills
Make dinner
Drop Primo off at baseball practice
Pick up fellow 4H leaders for fair planning meeting, don't get home until 10 pm

My LSH picks up the list after I have made it, and notes that, with the exception of the feeding, shopping and bills, most of it is completely self-inflicted. It seems I am lacking that gene that allows me to say "No, I am sorry, I cannot take on one more thing right now." Plus, these things tend to seem somewhat reasonable to me when considered in isolation, until they snowball into the sort of day I experienced today.

So probably should have came as no surprise to me that I was named (in absentia) as the chair of the kid's county sheep show. After all, why bother to ask? They already knew my answer.


  1. If you want something done, ask a busy person! On behalf of kids with sheep everywhere, thank you!

    Oh, the song is from Oklahoma! yes?

    Sheila (who just agreed to chair the church garden commitee, inspite of telling myself for weeks that I absolutely would not take on another thing, not one I tell you. And I'm making strings bags to sell at the strawberry festival.)

    We need a 12 step program, Kris.

  2. Yes, Oklahoma, but my dad got there first with the ID.

    I think a 12 step program is a great idea! Do you want to develop it and chair the committee with me?

  3. Wow. I think people have a whole lot of nerve to name anyone chair of anything without even asking them first. How rude!

  4. I must say that no harm was meant; I had already done a fair amount of work on that piece of the fair, so it was just kind of assumed that I would be in charge. At the end of the day, I doubt I will be, because I am a much better indian than chief. ;o)