Thursday, June 26, 2008

the best laid plans

Today was the day I was really going to crank on the project. I took the kids to the beach yesterday, because I had to drop Primo at his friend's shore house for a few days, and I can't go near a beach and not take the other two to frolic in the ocean.

After driving all the way to the bottom of the state, watching kids gambol in the waves, and then driving all the way back, I was more than a little wiped out.

So I took a night off, and sat like a lump on the couch and worked on my socks, and planned that come the next morn, I would work ALL DARN DAY on the project, DARN IT, even if it killed me.

And then Secondo woke up, looking like this:

Amazingly, it isn't hurting him too much. Thank goodness, too, as he is not a kid who suffers well in silence. (Edited to add: He takes after his mom that way.) Here's another shot with him looking a little sorrier for himself (he worked up to it), in case you missed it in the first shot:

After my LSH had a minor panic attack (along the lines of "mumps!"), a quick exam revealed that it had something to do with his teeth.

And so off to the dentist we went. The pediatric dentist in Philly, that is, who is totally awesome but obviously a bit of a hike. He confirmed that it is, unfortunately for the poor kid, an abscess at the base of his tooth. Luckily, it is a baby tooth and there's no long term issue once it is pulled. Unluckily, it is one that we just paid hundreds of dollars six months ago to have filled and sealed.

(Yes, we have dental insurance. It bites. HA HA HA, I crack myself up.)

I am just now getting back to work, DARN IT. The only saving grace was that I got to knit a little bit in the dentist's waiting room. With days like this, you have to take tiny pleasures where you can.

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