Sunday, November 23, 2014

cleaning up

Not me doing the inside of course, because I am too... Well, the word that rhymes with dizzy. Even more, the outside landscaping desperately needed to be done. My husband bribed Secondo to come and help in exchange for cold hard cash.

When I saw what job he had been assigned, I pointed out that no payment would have been required if my husband had told him he would be working with fire. Hose at the ready of course, as always when anyone is using this thing.

Terzo elected not to come outside, even if money was involved, thinking that would get him out of work. Not so fast, my friend. I popped in every so often to make him run the vacuum cleaner, do the dusting, etc. So now we have a clean house in addition to the clean garden, or at least as clean as an extremely reluctant ten-year-old can make a house.

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