Monday, November 24, 2014


It's one long exciting cleaning haul around here. Yesterday was my workroom, which hasn't been done since before October 4, 2013.

Not a typo. Over 14 months ago. How do I know? Because in addition to the wreckage pictured above which speaks to long and total neglect, at the bottom of a particularly large pile, I unearthed the pattern notes from the wedding bolero I finished on that date. It was an archaeological crafting dig. I also unearthed (in a different pile) a DVD that Netflix had sent me on June 2, 2014. I watched it while I cleaned and tossed and organized, and it wasn't worth waiting 6 months to watch. (For the record: Run, Fatboy, Run. Do not recommend.)

One the plus side: I can walk in the room now and maybe even get some work done in there, if I am ever home to do it. All of my outstanding projects are organized into bags with the relevant yarn and notes. Needles have been put back into their proper places so I can find them when needed.

One the minus side: it was more than a bit sobering, all the plans I have, added to the increasingly stark realization of how limited my time is. Sort of a mortality sense of the relationship between my available time and my plans for my knitting, one very small and one very large, producing a steep slope of disappointment (I have been helping Secondo with algebra lately).

Using an excel spreadsheet, because excel makes me feel like I am somewhat in control in an out-of-control situation, I cataloged all my works in progress, and came up with a whopping TWENTY-FOUR. Eek.

Now to prioritize. Some of this is design work. Some needs to be reworked, some needs to be worked on, some just needs to be finished. Some are long-neglected items, though I did pull the plug on a few. Christmas is coming, and though I don't have any special projects planned this year, I do have a few requested items that should get done sooner rather than later.

Hmm, even at a bag per week (wishful thinking), that would take me up to June. Just in time to get another DVD from Netflix. Luckily tomorrow is my day in the shop! So I hope to finish up a pressing pattern, that people are waiting for, and maybe work on one other project.


  1. I'm proud of you for facing all this. I have piles and bags and bins squirreled away here and there and it makes me feel kind of sick. My home needs an overhaul, but I can't quite face it yet. Maybe soon though. (hey...that's actually pretty hopeful considering the year of emotional stash-busting that I've had!)

    Keep up the good work, Kris!

  2. I am so impressed! I love hearing about how other people keep double-digit UFOs and mountains of crafting supplies in their craft rooms, then don't clean them up for a year! I'm right there with you. Just cleaned up a few weeks ago. Didn't find what I was looking for, but organized it nonetheless :D You are not alone (in the sense of camaraderie, not creepiness, lol).