Tuesday, September 3, 2013

is it fall yet?

The best just keeps getting better. This has been a summer of personal missteps and tonight was no exception. A 4-H meeting ended with a very upset son (and rightfully so) as I tried to be a leader over a mother. Excellent possibility that I failed at both.

Being a leader's kids is a tough role at the best of times for my kids. I say I do it for them, but sometimes it ends up backfiring on them. On all of us, quite honestly. Which begs the question (one that my husband asks on a regular basis): why am I doing this, anyway?

And it's probably not one I should be asking at the moment. Too much else going on, too little emotional reserve to deal with anything, let alone minor (or perhaps major, for a mom anyway) philosophical questions.

So I am left with apologizing, once again, and hoping that the change of seasons will work some kind of miracle around here. Something has to give.

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  1. Failure is not caring and not trying. Hold your head up high my friend. We do the best we can and no less. If it makes you feel any better I have a "therapy jar" - saving for the day when the piper comes calling for all my poor parental decisions that caused...(fill in the blanks.). A big virtual hug to you.