Saturday, August 10, 2013

mad cows

Unfortunately we are still not 100% here. The biggest casualties have been Terzo's and my appetites. I keep hoping that it will all be worth it, I will end up five pounds lighter with very little effort on my part, but we all know that's not the way it works. No doubt I will put on three pounds because I have been unable to manage any exercise unless you count walking up the stairs to take a nap. Even knitting was beyond me until today.

Tonight we welcomed Primo back from a week of working as a volunteer counsellor at the 4-H camp. Much to his surprise, he loved it. It's the story of his life lately: an opportunity comes his way, he can't really see the point, we force him to do it, he has a great time.

Speaking of great times, I am having phenomenal fun beating him over the head with how parents always know best.

So back to the appetites: I had to serve the prodigal son a proper feast, so we ended up with hamburgers, Grandma's mac & cheese, and baked beans. Not at all nutritionally balanced, but I still can't think about vegetables, and all those foods are crowd-pleasers. Terzo and I avoided the baked beans, picked at the mac & cheese, and managed a few bites of hamburger each. When we were done, he volunteered to take our leftovers out to the pigs.

When he returned, he commented that the pigs sure loved hamburgers.

"Sure," my husband replied. "Who doesn't love hamburgers?"

Terzo didn't miss a beat.


(Apologies to anyone who saw this on FB but it was too good not to share here too.)

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