Sunday, August 25, 2013

ballpark dogs

No, not that kind of dog... though as usual my boys managed to down an impressive number of them.

Tonight it was "dogs allowed" night at our local AA baseball stadium. Luckily we had no idea ahead of time, because there's no way I would have agreed to take Dusty, and there's no way I wanted to listen to them whine and beg for the two plus hours prior to the game and then be super grumpy and pout the entire game when I didn't cave.

They had to content themselves with enjoying all the other dogs, seemingly every breed and shape and size under the sun, and making asides about how much fun Dusty would be having if he were there. Personally I think Dusty would have been having a nervous breakdown if he were there, because he isn't used to being too many places other than the farm, but I guess we will never know.

Because this was a rescheduled game for us, we weren't in our usual seats. I had spotted the older couple in front of us from a distance during prior games. They always seem to be there so I am guessing they are season ticket holders.

The husband has a scorecard notebook that he keeps for every game. He had left his seat at one point in the game and his wife grabbed up the book and started noting the stats when play resumed. It was lovely to see her caring about something that is obviously very important to him.

She is usually busy knitting away. Today I had the chance to find out what she is always working on: baby blankets. She said she gives one to any of the players' wives or ballpark staff that has a baby that year. If she has no takers in a given year, she donates the blanket to the Christmas giving tree at her church... and starts again at the beginning of the next season.

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