Sunday, November 11, 2012

scenes from the last few days

Lost internet again thanks to Winter Storm Athena (seriously, we are naming winter storms now? one more stupid thing for us to keep track of), and serious time due to many overcommitments and completely snafu situations around here... so I'll make it up quickly in pictures!

Wednesday night—it snowed like the dickens, in spite of everyone predicting that the storm was overhyped. We let the dog out and then kind of forgot about him when the power blew; when the generator kicked on we realized he had been out for a while. In our defense he is not the sharpest tool in the shed and forgets that he has the power of barking to remind us where he is.

Thursday morning—first thing, the sky was the most amazing shade of blue, even though the rest of it was a completely unwelcome sight.

Except for the sight of the downed tree covered in snow. It was a little bit scenic for a while instead of just sad.

Thursday about one hour later—we were reminded yet again that we have really good boys. Our little tractor plow is dead but they shoveled the entire driveway by hand so my LSH could open his office on time.

Thursday afternoon—they took advantage of the snow and the fact that they were out of school for yet another day... We will never make up all these missed days. They will still be in school in July at this rate.

The dog barked non-stop the entire time they played, proving that he can do it when he chooses to.

Friday—the younger two were back in school. In the morning I had to take care of getting pelts ready to be tanned, and trust me that you thank me for no pictures. In the afternoon the eldest helped me get ready for a pasta dinner with his cross country team. Eight very hungry high school runners can eat an amazing amount of food. Luckily I had enough! But no pictures, I was too busy feeding them.

Which brings us to Saturday—and the Trenton Double Cross Half Marathon, my first. I haven't said too much about running lately but I have been training, more or less (mostly less) for the last four months.

My LSH took this picture while I was running over the Trenton Makes/The World Takes Bridge, around mile 3.5 so I was still relatively happy. I was less happy as the miles went by but I did manage to finish in a great time thanks to this guy helping me set a good pace.

I think this is my favorite picture of them all.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And so glad to hear that you were pleased with your time. I want to hear much more about this!

  2. Great photos and good for you on your marathon!