Sunday, November 25, 2012

deeply felt

Moving slowly on with the rest of life... My LSH spent Friday doing demolition work in Union Beach, a working class community which was absolutely devastated by the storm. Over 90% of the housing was affected, and he said it was an absolute mess. No National Guard presence there—very striking, the difference between that community and my experiences in more well-heeled areas.

I had work to do and an appointment at home, plus we weren't sure that Terzo could safely be in that situation, so I stayed back. (The older two were at work.) With Pam's suggestions in mind, this will be a community that we return to in the future, however.

As a result of my hours at home, I am very happy to say that some of my work is now on display, in a nature-inspired gallery in our town. The little bird's nest wreaths were consigned there yesterday. I never imagined that anything I did would be suitable for gallery display.

On a related note: why does it sound so pretentious to call them "my work"? Probably because I have never viewed myself as an artist, but more of a crafts person. I didn't even take art class in high school. Hence the whole gallery thing feeling like it came straight out of left field.

It felt really good for me to focus on the farm work and creating things with my own hands, from our own sheep. It is something that is deep and soul-satisfying for me, very meditative and calming, and it was missed lately.

I had a craft show scheduled for today, so I finally turned to a project that has been in the works for a while. Remember the washed fleeces I sent out to a fiber mill in July? They came back about a month ago, but I haven't had time to deal with them. I have spent quite a bit of time admiring the felt sheets though. Five in total, and they are gorgeous!

Yes, those are from our wool! Each one is about 5 ft by 3 ft and a lovely thick cushy fabric. It was very difficult to put scissors to sheet and cut them up.

I was very careful to not waste one scrap! I ended up with the most beautiful insoles, in four different sizes. The craft show was a complete bust today, and was pretty miserable to boot as it was outside in blowy, chilly weather. I held on until 1 pm (it went until 4 pm) and then threw in the towel... The only thing I sold was a few pairs of insoles!


  1. What a great dichotomy in this post. The sadness of devastation from the storm and the joy of creating something new from that GORGEOUS felt.
    I feel so useless as far as helping so many that lost so much. I pray for them and we donated, but it feels trivial. if the lord opens a door we will certainly go through it, but for now prayer is it! On behalf of those your family is helping:THANKS for giving and going.
    That felt....WOW! Looks so comfy and cozy! Like it should be red! Very "A Christmas Story"-ish :0).
    Ah...I know the thoughts of not "feeling like an artist"...or writer...or anything of value as far as ART goes. But you are an artist! If you say it and put it on a business card, it helps it feel more real :0). I too am hesitant to say I am a "writer"...because all i do is write on a blog and have an albeit small collection of readers. But I love it and well, there...Hello, my name is Donna and I am a writer...YOUR turn:
    Hello, my name is Kris, and I am an artist!
    Sounds like a great start to a 12 step meeting!
    For what it is worth, the things you create as an artist are amazing! Beautiful, a bit of the practical. A nice addition to the world.
    For what it's worth...I think you should write a book. A collection of short stories from your life as a shepherdess, a physicians, wife, the mother of three spectacular boys. Very reminisce of James Herriot :0).

  2. Ok...That is totally cool that your wreaths are consigned in a gallery!! They tickled me right from the start. I know others will enjoy them as well and be thrilled to add some outside art to their world.

  3. Please thank your husband for me. My cousin lives in Union Beach. He and his wife had just finished installing new flooring in his house when Sandy came through. He had four feet of water on his first floor. They are currently living in a hotel and according to their sister don't want any of us to help. Now *that's* frustrating.

    On another note, the felt is beautiful.