Friday, October 21, 2011

two teens

It's official: we have two teens in our house. Secondo turned 13 today. (I did take the time to calculate yesterday that we will never have more than two teens in our house at any one time, due to the birth spacing of our three. Phew.)

The Mexico soccer jersey was a thrift store score.
God love him, one of the items on his
birthday wish list was more just like it,
listed as "cheap soccar [sic] jerseys."

And I did finish the socks in time! They were originally destined for my brother, but when I asked Secondo a few weeks ago to try the first one on to check the size (to my brother's horror, they almost have the same size feet), he went into raptures about the sock, claiming it was the most comfortable sock he had ever had on his foot, and could he please have a pair just like it for his birthday?

But that sock yarn had been discontinued in the meantime -- so it was a no-brainer who got the socks. I did have a few hours of panic yesterday when I couldn't find the finished first sock, but it eventually turned up in a catch-all basket under a Bible. Talk about divine intervention.

They even went to school on his feet this morning. Is there any knitterly pleasure greater than making something for someone who appreciates the product so much?

Now I am off to make the requested birthday dinner (beef stew, as always for this kid), birthday cake, and youth group bake sale offerings. The youth group member will be returning from Indianapolis very late tonight, so I'm helping him out on this one.

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  1. Wow! I love it. Mazel tov on the second teen to join the ranks of your household. They grow so fast. Glad to know that he appreciates the socks!