Wednesday, October 26, 2011

romance in the air

In the way of nature, the cycle begins all over again, before we barely have a chance to think about it.

One ram lamb is left: King, one of Farrah's triplets. He will be going to his new home mid-November, but for now, he was frantic by himself. I couldn't put him with the rams -- they would do him serious harm this time of year. I couldn't put him in with the ewe lambs -- we don't like to breed them this young, plus one is his sister and the other is his half-sister.

So I put him in with Giulia. She is so over-conditioned (in sheepy lingo, that stands for really fat) that she has not been successfully bred by the rams in the past two years. I figure if he manages to breed her, he has earned his name.

Let's just say that despite the difference in size, he is doing his best.

We haven't had time to get the other rams into their harnesses and in with the other ewes, but the girls certainly know it's time. I caught them by the back gate of their pasture, mooning over the boys in the next pasture (marked by the blue arrow):

Soon enough, girls!

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