Saturday, October 22, 2011

brag book

The title is completely up front about the purpose of this post. I try not to brag too big on my kids on this blog (I know, I fail miserably), but there were too many things today to keep it in.

This kid returned safe and sound from Indy last night. His school's return was a triumphant one. Out of 24 possible first places in the various divisions of the national agriscience competition, they walked away with six of them -- and he and his lab partner were responsible for one. He is frantically trying to catch up on four missed days of homework because in his words, "Why would I stay in the hotel room when I could be out exploring Indianapolis?"

This kid marked another milestone today with his first day working for my friend and fellow shepherd Val. She raised up Primo in the way of hard work, and now she has taken Secondo under her wing, in part because Primo is just too darn busy these days. They are lucky to have her!

This kid has made a huge breakthrough in his reading and writing in the past couple months, so much so that he can finally join in family board games. Seriously though -- after so much worrying, it is wonderful to watch those connections falling into place for him. The ability to play board games about criminal activities by himself is just icing on the cake.

OK, enough already. Back to regular programming.

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