Thursday, September 15, 2011


Stick a fork in me. I am officially done.

The Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival was last weekend. The farm booth looked its best ever, I think.

It was a good weekend but I must admit that going into it, visions of cancellation danced through my head. The thought that I am waaaay overextended started nibbling at my brain sometime in the end of August, and hasn't let go since. This is new for me. My usual state of mind is: "One more thing? Sure, no problem! I'll fit it in somewhere!"

Now I am just a quivering mass of exhaustion, begging for mercy and/or a peaceful day in a quiet home. Same thing.

I'll say one thing for this change in thinking: it made it very easy for me to say a polite but definitive "no thanks!" when I was approached to be the head of a new community initiative. My inner voice was actually screaming "hell no!" My inner voice tends to be a little less polite. I try to edit it before it escapes, but I am not always successful.


  1. You never were one to do things halfway....
    Just keep up the indignation--but let the exhaustion evaporate, if at all possible! And, if necessary, surprise the daylights out of your friends, family, and all others with the "Hell, No!" response when asked to do one more thing--unless it's something your REALLY want to do.

  2. Love the no, embrace the no. No, thank you is even nicer.

    Kris that is hands down one of the best booths I've seen, ever. Excellent work. Love the table skirts. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Looks beautiful, Kris! And I think we all need to learn to say No more often :*)