Tuesday, September 27, 2011

back to school

Tonight was the last of the back-to-school nights. Fittingly, Terzo's was the finale. It was the usual craziness of getting Primo to his high school cross-country meet with the added sauce of shopping for a new pair of running shoes for Secondo, who managed to lose his entire middle school cross-country gear when he left it on the bus yesterday.

So things were a little rushed, but I was patting myself on the back because I managed to get a somewhat home-cooked meal down my family's gullets before my LSH and I had to rush back out the door.

Until my second-grader took one look at what I was wearing -- what I would consider clothes suitable for working in my LSH's office (no jeans! unstained shirt! non-sneaker shoes!) -- and said:

"It's back to school night. Aren't you going to dress a little nice?"


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  1. You can always count on your kids to bring you up short.