Sunday, May 29, 2011

days of quiche and omelets

We are back in business.

That is one week's production (all except two eggs) in the egg tray: 19 total.

Time to start thinking up ways to use them again!


  1. OH!!! I am having chicken envy my friend! The ONLY non-domesticated animal I would have would be chickens! I buy my eggs from a friend, but sad to say, they do not produce enough to be our sole supplier :0(. We go through 2 dozen a week! I have seen a few eggs for sale signs on the side of the road, so I may need to investigate other options. I am also going to go to the courthouse just to confirm we are indeed 3 houses inside of Honesdale township so, no chickens for us :0(. If I name them, and pet them, and bring them into the house on occasion, can they be considered domesticated animals??? LOVED catching up on your recent happy/sad when the first tooth comes out! How happy/sad to see them all growing up and marching in parades and being "big"! My Josh has his first paying job this summer...again happy/sad! One day I am going to shlep out for a visit and a cup of tea so you can introduce me to these amazing animals---and children :0). Enjoy this FABULOUS weather!!!

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