Tuesday, November 30, 2010

november sweater

Holy crow, two posts in two days... how long has it been since that happened? (No words from the peanut gallery, please, I know it has been months.)

Speaking of months, how long has it been since I finished a sweater? April, if anyone is counting, but I finally have another entry!

OK, OK, so it's a vest but I maintain that it still counts as a sweater, even without the sleeves.

It should have been a really quick, easy, painless knit but for some reason, my brain transformed it into a zombie project. I dropped stitches multiple times (hard to pick up in this brioche stitch pattern), ripped it out, made it too big, ripped it out, made it too small, ripped it out, seamed the two fronts together (durrr)... The original pattern called for sleeves but I couldn't face working on it any longer. I cast off and called it a day!

And it is wonderfully smooshy and warm and I have worn it every day since I wove in the ends on Sunday. The peanut gallery here in the house hasn't chimed in on that yet but I have been surprised by the restraint.

(In case you were wondering why the pictures are slightly out of focus and off-center, they were taken by my six-year-old photography assistant and he had a bit of technical difficulty with the camera. I think you can get the general idea, though.)

Onto December... as if!


  1. Looks like a very comfy vest. That's more than I have accomplished in over a year!

  2. Has it really been since April? Doesn't seem that long ago to me. The sweater is very nice! And yes, it should still count as a sweater.

  3. It is cute Kris and closer to a sweater than anything I have made :-)