Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today, my husband ran the NYC marathon.

It was amazing and inspiring and once-in-a-lifetime and I didn't even run it. But he did, and he finished in quite a respectable time. I am really, really, really proud of him, and also really sure that I will never do it myself.

His support crew -- me plus all three boys -- managed to run a little mini-marathon of our own (in the style of Rosie Ruiz) to see him three times.

Near the start of the race, in Brooklyn near my brother's house:

Photo compliments of my brother --
despite the appearance of Primo taking a picture,
the camera went on strike at that particular point

At the Manhattan side of the Queensboro bridge:

(He is not actually in that picture, so don't bother squinting;
it was so crowded and I was screaming so hard that
I neglected to take a picture when he went by.
Not that it would have been much better than this one.)

And then just before mile marker 25, in Central Park, as close as we could get to the finish line:

Taken by Primo, just as my LSH spotted the boys

This was his cheering support crew at the start of the race -- signage thanks to our current obsession with spray paint:

Here we are at the end, getting him back to Brooklyn where our car was parked:

My LSH wins the prize for looking the worst for wear, but it was truly no contest. Let's hope his post-race recovery is a little easier.


  1. An awesome accomplishment! Hugs from us.

  2. Amazing! All that and a subway ride!

  3. WOW! That is SO amazing...I didn't know you had family in BROOKLYN??? Where in Brooklyn??? Hee hee! JK...such a great accomplishment, really. And could you have gotten a BETTER photo?? Life is grand, ain't it...also loved catching up on the other family photos and such! Oh and thought I would brag a little--Megs sent a joyous text a few weeks ago sharing a GPA of 3.38 :0) is so hoping for that 3.5 and the Deans list---please pray for my over achieving little girl :0)---I know that would be cool for ya to hear...I really need to blog more. LIFE is insane and only getting more so now that Ryan is beginning the whole college thing as well! YIKES!!!!!!!!!! Only 2 more after that but at least I get a "2 for 1" deal!!! Hope all is well and that you have a fantastic holiday season coming up!