Monday, November 29, 2010

magic gardens, revisited

Despite all appearances to the contrary, I am still here. I am also very busy but with things that I can't share just yet. These things are very exciting and engaging me in creative ways that are really stretching my brain, which is wonderful... but when it comes time to put together a blog post the end of the day, I opt for collapsing on the couch instead. No great photo ops there.

This past weekend, though, I actually got off my couch and have some pictures to share! Today's set focuses on the act of creating art, something I have been doing a fair amount of thinking about lately. We revisited Isaiah Zagar's Magic Gardens on our trip to Philadelphia over the weekend -- seems to be turning into an annual pilgrimage.

These pictures were taken in the outside portion of the installation.

It is hard to convey the work using conventional means; it defies mere textual description and photographic attempts to document its scale.

Instead it tends to resemble a lot of trash and random items jumbled together, which at its most basic level it is, but it is also a lot more than that.

You'll just have to visit and wonder at it for yourself.


  1. Well - this makes me think back to the Sept 15 post where you were also keeping secrets never to tell us the whatever it was that you could not tell us then! (did that make sense?)
    OR am I just missing the reveal of these things?

  2. No Amy, you didn't miss anything... but it should be in about three weeks now! And it has a lot to do with why I have been so busy with non-blog related matters.