Monday, July 12, 2010

off to camp

Sorry for that silence... five days... really? And I even missed my food on friday post!

We had our big local livestock show here this weekend, and due to many other conflicts, we did not take sheep this year -- for the first time in five years. It felt very odd! But it has been a hard show the past few years due to scheduling conflicts and I felt like I was standing on my head to do it. Not to mention that the kids were less than enthusiatic last year... seemed like it was time for us to take a break. I still ran the fleece show on Saturday but it was a cakewalk compared to catching sheep, getting sheep ready, hauling sheep over there, etc. etc.

The other reason for the break was that the older two boys were getting ready for camp, and I didn't want to send them up all tired out. They went much earlier this year, but with two friends from their 4-H club. All were excited at the chance to spend time together; as I have mentioned before, these kids get along really well.

Given the beauty of the camp, the parents wanted to stay too...

And of course this little guy was pretty disappointed that he has three years to go until he is old enough to camp.

Once we settled the older two in their bunks we were on our way home. Yes, I know it looks a little spartan but they certainly don't complain and can't wait to get back each year!

Certainly much quieter around these parts today, though.


  1. As one of those parents that wanted to stay, I can not get the possibility out of my mind. A week away with a great bunch of friends. Meals provided, a craft or two to dabble with, reading a couple great books, dipping in the lake when we feel like it..... Of course our camp would have no kids, bugs, snakes, or bears! I guess I can dream.

  2. Well now Terzo can enjoy the only-child phenomenon!

  3. Hmmm, Amy, maybe you are onto something -- perhaps a 4-H parents retreat, no kids allowed?

    Nina, I have been playing board games nonstop. He seems to be having a ball without them.