Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mad scientist smoothies

We are eating so many blueberries around these here parts that we are going to start looking like this any minute now:

The blue girl, that is.
Our hair will start turning green NEXT week,
if we continue our green bean consumption at our current rate.
Or at least that's what my boys suspect.

One of the boys' favorite things to make with fresh berries is what they call "smoothies", but what I call "a giant mess in the kitchen". The dialogue goes something like this:

Younger boys: "Fresh berries! Can we make smoothies?"

Me: opens mouth, don't even get a word out but clearly disapproving look on my face must give the trigger signal

Boys: "We won't make a mess! We PROMISE! We will clean it all up as soon as we are done! Pinky swear!"

At which point I give up because it gives them something constructive to do in this god-awful heat wave.

After hauling out the blender, they start scouring the pantry, fridge and freezer for potential ingredients.

This one had the following ingredients, in undetermined quantities: milk, plain yogurt, fresh raspberries, fresh blueberries, chocolate pudding mix, chocolate syrup, Trader Joe's chocolate cat cookies, a raspberry creamsicle (minus the stick), ice cubes and some orange gatorade powder.

I don't call them mad scientist smoothies for nothing.

As with most of their smoothies, the end result didn't taste too bad and all of it was consumed... but if you guessed this is what happened after they were done:

Then you guessed right. If you didn't, then you don't know my boys.

I thought about using this as my food on friday post this week but I figured that my FOF posts had been such cheats the last two weeks, that people would come after me with torches and pitchforks. Or leave me lots of angry comments. Hmm, maybe I am onto something...


  1. My first thought was WOW, dairy and gatorade it might not stay down too long for me. But, then I remembered that orange creamsicles got their start somewhere! Those boys maybe on to something.

  2. It was just a tiny little bit of gatorade powder -- I didn't see it go in (it was the "secret ingredient" of the day) but I am guessing no more than a tablespoon full, and probably not even that.