Friday, December 4, 2009

morning travels

I consider myself very fortunate that I don't have a long trip to work in the morning, although I do sometimes yearn for an hour or so of knitting time on a train. Non-existent knitting time aside, I just can't beat walking through my kitchen door to work in my pjs for a couple of hours, before getting boys out the door and onto various buses, and then back to work for a few more hours before all the boys tumble back in the door again.

I must confess, though, that I do take a tiny little jaunt every morning, without fail. I stop off at the Greet Ranch in Wyoming, which has been continuously ranched by the same family for one hundred years. A little hop, and I am collecting cattle in the snow (in early October!) or visiting an abandoned homestead (the isolation defies my ability to grasp it) or finding arrowheads or checking out ancient pictographs or watching english shepherd pups grow up.

Carol's photos and writing style are a wonderful documentation of her life, and I love the way every post takes me out of New Jersey and into Wyoming. So I was thrilled when she announced that she is offering a calendar for sale, featuring her photos. Now I can be transported all the time! Go order one now, if you don't have your 2010 calendar already, or even if you do. You get the benefit of beautifully unique pictures all year plus the satisfaction of supporting an honest-to-goodness American ranching family.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Kris! I LOVE it! and happy to be a teeny tiny bit of your life! Carol

  2. Out of NJ is good any way that you can do it! ;-)