Tuesday, October 6, 2009

while I was gone

As I mentioned yesterday, my mind has been in other places, which is why I found myself scrambling late yesterday to get to Primo's cross-country meet before the starting pistol went off. I left in such a rush that I didn't have time to get shoes on my other kids, and ended up leaving them at home. (Mind you, my LSH's office is in our house, so they were not by themselves. But it was a mistake all the same.)

Soon after I left, Secondo apparently went outside to pet Midge. Terzo, who has missed his older brother's attention since school started, seized the opportunity and locked him out of the house until Secondo promised to play with him. Secondo, being a bit older and wiser, scooted around to my LSH's office and came in through that door.

But he was pretty darn angry, and Secondo's temper is nothing to sneeze at. He shoved Terzo out of the house, and locked the back door after him.

After crying and screaming for a bit, Terzo ran around to the front door, which Secondo had neglected to lock, and snuck in. Secondo, meanwhile, started to panic at Terzo's disappearance (knowing that it was his butt on the line if Terzo disappeared on his watch). He went outside, calling frantically for Terzo, obviously having no clue that Terzo was already in the house.

Which is of course when Terzo locked him out again. Being even craftier than his older brother, as a little brother must be to survive, he locked ALL of the doors -- including the one between the office and the house. Secondo was truly stuck, and he finally had to promise to play with him in order to gain access to the house before his father found out about their shenanigans. (Secondo's deal was that he would play with him if he was able to finish his homework before dark, and so he took his sweet time getting it done, punishing me in the process. For the life of me, I could not figure out why he was dragging his feet so thoroughly until all this came out.)

Meanwhile, my poor LSH is trying to operate a business with all this to-ing and fro-ing going on. You can bet that the younger two will be coming to every cross-country meet from now on, even if they are barefoot.


  1. I am laughing so hard. I can picture this in my mind's eye. Be glad you have no close neighbors.

    I used to have to "watch" my younger brother until Mom came home from work.
    He was(is) the typical younger brother and would devil me any chance he had. Once I got so upset with him, I pushed him up against the dining room wall and shook him until his glasses flew off. UH OH, he started after me and I locked myself in the bathroom until Mom got home. I'm no fool. Hee hee.

  2. Yes, but my husband does have patients who got to witness all of this. The "locking in the bathroom" routine is also a popular gambit around here. It's a race to see which happens first: doors coming off hinges, or kids off to college.